Our Synchrono Laser is one of the fastest machines on the market. Watch the video to see its speed and accuracy.

A company built for the long haul

World Wide Manufacturing is a full service precision fabricator of custom sheet metal components and enclosures serving various industries.

Since 1969, World Wide Manufacturing has consistently met the sheet metal fabrication needs of our customers, establishing strong relationships built on trust, respect and superior quality. We achieve this by constantly investing in our people, our equipment and our process.

Forging strong bonds with our customers

Our Customers benefit from our low overhead expenses and streamlined manufacturing activities. We keep our manufacturing operations in the United States, which gives our customers a competitive advantage by maximizing the efficiency of the distribution process and further lowering manufacturing costs and lead times. We also provide them with advanced capabilities, including multiple in-house finishing options, assembly operation, and project management. Finally, we offer our customers net 30 terms, which is rare in today’s market.

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