Our Synchrono Laser is one of the fastest machines on the market. Watch the video to see its speed and accuracy.

A variety of custom fabrication capabilities

Our fabrication capabilities include laser cutting, punching, stamping, forming, automatic inserting, machining, welding, deburring, finishing, and more.

All fabricating machines do have Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operations.

Better machines equal higher volume at lower costs

Our most recent Syncrono with TowerServer has revolutionized our production with new unbeatable cycle times. This machine is capable of producing large volumes of work through accelerated cycle times and “lights out” operation. 6G acceleration and dual X-Y axis control allow1000 holes to be cut per minute, which is twice the capability of other laser machines on the market.

The Platino with TowerServer can also be used for larger projects. This maching has the capability of cutting with a 5” to 10" lens for a wide range of material production. The Rotary axis option for this machine enables both round and square tube cutting capabilities. This machine is also capable of running a “lights out” production schedule to minimize cycle times.

Dual operating laser cutting machines reduces our customer’s order to ship lead time significantly.

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